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Our company and our personnel believe that better engineering invariably translates into superior custom products. With that in mind, our ultimate objective is to provide control panels and complete systems integration that leaves our customer fully satisfied.


  • Control Systems West, Inc. specializes in supplying highly customized products and support services that work behind the scenes to monitor, maintain, and audit your entire system's operation.
  • Over the last 25 years, technological advances have contributed to the continual improvement and expansion of our product offerings and supporting services.
  • Today, we cover multiple industries and provide a broad variety of custom electrical process controls, to various customers and users including municipal, industrial and commercial facilities.
  • Our scope includes extensive experience in designing and producing the control and automation systems for water and waste-water treatment and pumping.
  • Because we design unique systems with a combination of built-in redundancies, this helps ensure fault-proof technical operation and unique user technological interfaces.
  • This project-defined engineering and design nearly eliminates the threat of equipment malfunction or system failure so often experienced with older installations.


California Water Environment Association (CWEA), Hawaii Water Environment Association (HWEA), American Water Works Association (AWWA) California and Hawaii chapters..


Control Systems West, Inc. started with the idea that people with superior skills design and create superior products. This remains one of our core values and guides the selection of our company's employees. Our products are highly innovative and expertly project-engineered. Our support services are more technically-advanced and client-focused because our staff has a higher level of expertise.

All of the principals and upper level management have years of experience in electrical process control and system integration.

Our chief electrical engineer holds PE licenses in California and Hawaii.

Staff members are educated, certified and licensed as Engineers and as Electricians suitable to their roles in the company.

Our staff engineers work closely with the client to provide the appropriate, project-defined engineering required to design a complete system custom-tailored to the client's needs.


Bruce Borders - President and CEO, RMO (Responsible Managing Officer)
Joseph Perry, PE (CA and HI) - Chief Electrical Engineer and Engineering Manager
Richard Borders - Vice President and Industrial Engineer
Luis Medina - Electrical Engineer and Programming Manager

Contractors Licenses
CA License 848378
HI License 29407

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A Long Track Record

Over the last 25 years, Control Systems West has worked with dozens of clients on a wide range of projects.